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Tell us about yourself?
I am Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi, an enterprising youngster with an insatiable passion to impact and influence the 21st century youths positively through proactive teaching, mentoring and exemplary leadership.
I am an award-winning author of three amazing books, “Nigeria: Who is to blame?”, “The Irredeemable Price”, and “Trans-generational Impact: Timeless Strategies to Global Relevance”. I’m an inspirational speaker, a youth and writers coach, an online book publishing expert and an exceptional leader passionate about making positive global impacts.
I am the founder of “Trans-generational Global Impact Initiative” a non-governmental organization as well as the founder of “The Phenomenal Experts Network” a closed Facebook community of over 2,000 members.
Tell us in brief your story of impact?
It all started when I was age 17. I began a search to discover my true purpose and give expression to the vast array of potentials, talents, experiences and the knowledge I have. After I’ve discovered my true ability, I was concerned about the level of moral decadence, crimes, and purposeless living prevalent among the 21st century youths. Having been enlightened through personal development and a close relationship with God, a spark of passion was ignited in me to seek the youths like a shepherd seeks his lost sheep and teach them the right principles of life and focus their life on the right bearing. Since a blind cannot lead a blind, it takes someone who have seen the light to show others the way. I leveraged the use of technology and through my social media platforms I’ve inspired, mentored, coached and impacted thousands of lives. I’ve held both physical and virtual trainings, wrote poems and books, and have been invited as a speaker to teach in virtual summits and conferences.
What is your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievements are not the awards I’ve won, neither the amazing books I’ve written but the thousands of lives whose hopes have been restored, those whose lives have been impacted, inspired and spurred to be the best. Those who have been challenged through the mind-blowing life nuggets I share in my virtual trainings and those who have made up their minds to live their dreams despite all odds. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing a once dejected and downcast soul rise to face his fears and be the best.
What are your greatest challenges?
Impact is not just about inspiring lives only. There are some you need to reach out to their physical or material needs like the poor in the society, the child denied formal education etc. Through my N.G.O we seek to empower and train youths to be phenomenal leaders and people of positive impacts. We’ve also decided to send at least 10 students back to school. It is the right of every child to have quality education. So, we need sponsors both from the government and philanthropists so we can be able to carry out this vision.
What is your greatest strength and weakness?
Well, my greatest strength is my ability to pour my thoughts, ideas, concepts and inspirations into bestselling books. My ability to use technology to reach out to thousands of people and my ability to share my experiences with people so they can learn and be inspired to be the best version of themselves. As for my weakness, I think I fear being betrayed by my close friends or the person I love so much. Nevertheless, I’ll always bounce back no matter what.
What is change to you and how do you hope to effect change in your community?
Change to me means a positive deviant. It is a gradual process of transforming the negative behavioral pattern or norms in the society to a positive one. It also means being different from the crowd. Making a positive impact on your generation. As a Global Youth Ambassador of Theirworld, a U.K based non-governmental organisation my focus is on education – educating the youths through trainings, seminars, and conferences as well as sponsoring most of them who came from poor backgrounds through formal education.
Who is your mentor?
My mentors, Dr. Myles Munroe (Late), although late but his impacts remains evergreen in my heart. Bishop T.D. Jakes, Les Brown, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, John Maxwell.
Where did you see yourself in the next five years?
In the next five years, I’d have travelled to at least 10 countries of the world teaching, training and inspiring millions of youths on the effective ways to maximize their lives and become a person of value.
What did you want people to know about you, your organization and what you are presently working on?
I’m presently working on publishing three books, they are all on the finish stages now. One will be published on July 2018, followed by others.  Anticipate!
How are you when you are under pressure to achieve a goal?
Smiles, I think, I perform at my optimum whenever I’m under pressure. Although, I do take precautions to avoid mistakes and I always give room for uncertainties.
What have you done to improve your knowledge in your chosen field?
I’m currently undergoing some professional courses online, I also learn Chinese language.
A word of encouragement for you audience?
“We all have one life to live, make it worthwhile.”
Don’t seek for success, seek to be a person of value. Discover your purpose, potentials and most importantly share your experiences with others and impact lives. Written in my book entitled “Trans-generational Impact” are the timeless strategies that’ll help you live your dreams. It’ll also help you discover your true identity, potentials and guide you through on how to impact, influence and become relevant in your generation. The treasure you have maybe that one soul you’ve touched. Be a solution provider not part of the problems to be solved.
Your contacts?
Email – Obeddestiny1@gmail.com
Phone – +2348137145426
Blog – www.ohajuobedwrites.wordpress.com
FB Page – Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi
Instagram – @ohajuobed_official
Twitter – @ohajuobed
Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi is from Nigeria and a Spotlight in all spheres


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