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Abel Usim, a graduate of Mass Communication, Madonna University, Nigeria. He is an author,

speaker and prolific writer. A prolific writer and trained journalist, Mr Usim is the author of “A Student with a Difference,” and “The Logistics of The Devil.”

Where did you see yourself in the next five years?
In five years’ time, I hope to have planted a unit of YEGI in every school across Africa
I should have been to create platforms that would help empower beggars to become entrepreneurs
I hope to have help youth gain clarity through the experiences of expertise of various field through our share the experience conference
I hope to have mentored and train more youth to discover their purpose of existence and empower them to achieve success.
What is your strength and weakness?
My strength lies in helping youth discover purpose and empowering them to archivers success
Mentoring and helping youth live a life style of leadership
Teaching and building youth on personal development
I love food
What is your greatest achievement?
The beggar to boss project that is aimed at taking beggars of the street and empowering them to become boss.   
Tell us in brief your story of impact?
Usim is the founder of Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative (YEGI), an organization that aims at helping youth discover their purpose of existence and empowering them to achieve success. His initiative (YEGI), has a mandate to have one centre in every school across Africa, which has seen him tour many secondary schools with his message of enlightenment, clarity and purpose discovery. He is the Host of Share the Experience Conference, which helps youth gain clarity through the experience of expertise in various spheres of life. He is also the initiator of the BeggarToBOSS project that aims at taking beggars off the streets and empowering them to become entrepreneurs.
He was the Editor-in-Chief of Vox Madonna Magazine and Newspaper Production. Outside the literary world, he handled different leadership positions in both public and private enterprises. He is the Deputy Directorate for Empowerment at the National Youth Council, Ajeromi-Ifelodun chapter. He has received numerous awards for his contributions to the society:

  •  §  Award of Excellence for Self-Less Service as the Bible Study Coordinator of the Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship (RCCF) 
  • §  Award of Excellence for Selfless Service as the Public Relations Officer of Gender Reforms CDS during his NYSC in Keffi, Nasarawa State. 
  • §  Award of Excellence for Selfless service as the Chief Sacristan, Madonna University Nigeria.

 I also have a mentoring school called Citadel of Purpose Discovery were youth are being mentored to become visible and live a purpose driven life.
What is your greatest challenge?
Althought the challenges in life are limitless but I will say in short getting partners to support our project, funding and our mandate of 3 office stations
Who is your mentor ?
Amb Young Anyanwu
What do you want people to know about you, your organisation and what you are presently working on?
Abel Usim has a designed structure for mentoring young people on purpose discovery and helping them become visible
Our organisation is currently on a project called beggar to BOSS and we would glad if we get sponsors and partners to make this project gets to the next level,
What is change to you and how do you hope to effect change in your community?
Change to me is having a community were people have equal opportunity to receive and also contribute positively to the development of the community, A community where there is provision of social amenities and welfare for the people
How are you when you are under pressure to achieve a goal?
Well I simply call for a meeting with my team, map out strategies and get in church with people who can assist us in achieving our set goals.
What have you done to improve your knowledge in your chosen field?
I have attended so many trains both free and paid
Read books and attend conferences
Signed up for mentoring on several platforms etc
A word of encouragement to your audience:

Purpose discovery is the bedrock of success
Never give up
Be strong and courageous 

 He is from Nigerian and a Spotlight in all spheres of life
08062542393, abelusim@gmail.com

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