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Tell us about yourself?
I am Paschal Tobe Nwakonobi. A young man of vigour and vitality, possessing an overwhelming level of passion with a firm resolve to conquer the world. I am a writer, brand strategist, political enthusiast and transformational agent.
Tell us in brief your story of impact?
Well, it all began in high school. Like I mentioned above, I am full of vigour and vitality. I discovered my potentials which leadership is one of them. I filled in several leadership positions. It was an opportunity for me to make an impact. Of course, I ceased the opportunity. Subsequently, I also ceased uncommon opportunities and initiated initiatives geared towards the growth, development and advancement of fellow young people. One of such initiatives include an organization geared towards discovering, harnessing and maximizing young talents I instituted in 2015.
What is your greatest achievement?
Well, my greatest achievement is impact. Yes, I’ve focused my youthfulness, potentials and vigour on making impacts. I’ve helped fellow young people decode and define their distinction in life. I give them ideas and outlined strategies on intentional living. This, basically, is my foremost achievement. Also, I’ve received accolades in form of awards and recognition at several levels. I received an invitation to receive a “King of Heart Awards” from Nigerian Rebirth Foundation in 2017. I also received an award from Nigerian Heritage Icon Awards as “The Youth Ambassador” of the year.
What are your greatest challenges?
I have experienced challenges at several levels. One of the foremost challenge I witness I finance. Intermittently, I present initiatives from my ever-flowing stream of ideas. These initiatives need funds to become a reality. Sometimes, I overcome it, most times, I don’t, hence, letting the initiative go. It has really been a difficult journey. Most times, discouragements flow in. Inspiration absent. These are times of trial. However, I take a look at my “WHY”, subdue my challenges and keep going.
What is your greatest strength?
My strength lies in my ability to build the right network of people. I have met and associated with lots of people. Amongst these people, I have been able to form a mastermind alliance with some exceptional individuals. I call them my inner circle. They have helped me remain focused. We inspire each other, share ideas, lay strategies and work together towards achieving our set goals. They are the real MVP. I celebrate them.
What is your greatest weakness?
Truth is, I am brutally honest. It’s a weak spot and I believe it’s my weakness too. People take advantage of your honesty when they can, you know.
What is change to you and how do you hope to effect change in your community?
Basically, CHANGE is a deviation from the norm. A paradigm shift from the shackle of convention. I always hope to effect a paradigm shift on any way I can. I am working on certain initiatives that will enable this. This is a unique initiative that will expose young people to certain soft skills like grit, empathy, critical thinking, problem solving, financial literacy, self-confidence etc that essential to success. Education and skill acquisition doesn’t assure success. We need a perfect blend between these soft skills and knowledge for success. These are essential rudiments. This is an uncommon value I intend introducing to the society with my organization. It is my own little way of effecting change.
Who is your mentor?
My mentor is Rev. Fr. Ositadinma Amakeze. He is a priest of the Catholic diocese of Awka. A published writer, poet, transformation agent and founder of Young women and men creative association. He has not just been a mentor. He has been my pivot and fulcrum. An inspiration. He never fails to render ideas and moral support when necessary.
Where did you see yourself in the next five years?
Well, I see myself as a big brand in the nearest future. Widely known for my numerous societal impacts. Of course, in the next five years, I hope to be making waves in the field of consultancy, writing and content development. My social engineering programs will also have a national outlook and take an international dimension by then. Anyways, one step at a time.
What did you want people to know about you, your organization and what you are presently working on?
I am a writer and a brand strategist. Like I mentioned earlier, I am working on an extraordinary initiative which will be formally launched in few months’ time. My organization, THE WAVE will be undertaking these initiatives. I’m not supposed to say anything about the packages I will be unveiling with the organization until it’s formally unveiled, though, I’ve given you an insight on what it might look like. I intend to publish two books before the end of the year. One of the books, I wrote in 2016. The name is, DISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSE AND POTENTIALS. I have kept it for so long because I intend unveiling it as a masterpiece. So, subsequently, I upgrade the contents. The book will go places and make impact. Good books were written in years, you know. There is no need for the haste. The second book is fiction. The title is, “Shattered Mirrors”. It will be an impactful book as it will expose certain cankerworms and it’s adverse effects on the society.

What have you done to improve your knowledge in your chosen field?
Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. These are my approaches towards improvement. I read widely and vastly to improve my knowledge. Reading is that input I make that makes every difference in my person and growth. I discovered this, knowledge is not only embedded in books, treasures are also hidden in books.
A word of encouragement for you audience.
I always tell this to fellow young people. “You don’t become the best overnight, you need to set powerful intentions every day, every month, every year to go beyond your own reach and to grow to the next level.
Intentional living is one of the keys to success. The promised land is not farfetched. Let us keep on keeping on.
Your contacts?
Mobile & WhatsApp Number; 09036984500.
Facebook; Paschal Tobe Nwakonobi
Paschal Tobe Nwakonobi is from Nigeria and a Spotlight in all spheres

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