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Who we are

Our goal
Raised active citizens who will use their voices to hold government accountable thereby helping governance work for people irrespective of their social status.

Our Vision
We envision a world which citizens are active, informed and powered up in making government work and accountable to them without discrimination by race, social class, ability or gender.

Our Mission
To use adaptive and creative technology to drive content that can empower the citizens capable of demanding for their rights, accountability, institutional reforms, efficient service delivery and equitable society for development of the nation and world at large.

Our core values
Integrity: We set an example for honesty and transparency and we are directly accountable to all our stakeholders.

Innovation: We serve as enabler for ideas, driver of creativity in every possible way. We work to help ideators create home-grown solutions that real and sustainable.

Loyalty: We work to support everyone within our network and support other in times of need without holding back.

Practicality: We believe in growth that is driven by creative solution that born our of critical and creative thinking that can brig solutions that are adaptive and sustainable.

Sustainability: We strive in every way possible to ensure that we scale to sustain (S2S).

Collaboration: We strive to collaborate wherever possible. We believe in the power of community, and are building an ecosystem for accountability around the world.

Our thematic areas

  • Governance and Democracy
  • Social Audit
  • Environmental Audit
  • Research and Consulting


To educate and empower citizen about Elections, Freedom of Information, Advocacy for Policy development or change as well as Open Governace

To Track, Monitoring and Report all levels of governments’ budget to enable the citizen ask the right question while helping policymakers/office holders ensure good governance is entrenched

To track, analyze and report the past, current and potential impact of development and extractive project activities on the environment and livelihood of host communities with eye for financial budget attached to EIA(s).

To carry out researches that area home-grown, development oriented, expand the front tiers of knowledge and solution driven to help government around the world navigate new space with our well researched recommendations